Easy Cucumber Salad

Here is a quick appetizer, side dish, or main dish to keep in your recipe book. Cucumber Salad is here for you. And, it is an easy one to make! Cucumber Salad has crunchy, spicy, salty, and acidic elements. All it takes is four ingredients to whip together. Let’s get started on making it, shall we? 

Easy Cucumber Salad

Recipe by Madison Amara
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  • 2 medium English cucumbers or 4 Persian cucumbers, thinly sliced

  • 1/2 cup white vinegar

  • salt and pepper, to taste


  • In a medium-sized bowl mix together thinly sliced cucumbers, white vinegar, salt and pepper, to taste.
  • Cover and refrigerate for 1 hour to let the flavors marinate.
  • Finally, Serve and Enjoy!

The ingredients that you will need to make this Cucumber Salad are 2 either English cucumbers or 4 Persian cucumbers that are thinly sliced, ½ cup of white vinegar and salt and pepper, to taste. That is all! I should mention that you may use apple cider vinegar if you prefer to do so. Apple cider vinegar would add a delicious element of flavor.

To make this, first, in a medium-sized bowl mix together the thinly sliced cucumbers, white vinegar, salt, and pepper, to taste. Next, cover the bowl and refrigerate it for 1 hour to let the flavors marinate. And, finally, after 1 hour, remove the bowl from the refrigerator. Serve and Enjoy! Add a bit more salt and pepper if you like. Depending on how your taste buds react, you might need a glass of water to help you with the acidity. 

Be sure to thinly slice your cucumbers so that the vinegar dressing can get nicely infused into each slice. When you take your first bite, surely you will be able to taste every ingredient used. So, it is best to go light with the salt and pepper first and allow it to marinate. Then, try it after the 1-hour marinating period to see if you need to add more. 

If you are choosing to eat this Cucumber Salad as a side dish, just know that it can go well with any protein or main staple you decide to pair it with. I love pairing my Cucumber Salad with either meat lasagna or vegetable lasagna. I will have to share both of my lasagna recipes with you here in this blog. They are crowd-pleasers!

This Cucumber Salad is a great one to make if you are not much of a cook. It’s also great to make if you just want to pop a quick snack in your mouth. Hopefully, you enjoy both making and eating this recipe! You will notice just how easy it is to make.  Enjoy every single crunchy bite! 

12 thoughts on “Easy Cucumber Salad”

  1. Iwould love to make and eat this. I love tangy food. but my husband hates vinegar dishes and I always have to make a mayonaise dressing that is sweet and sour for his liking.

    1. Hi Judy! That delicious yet tangy vinegar flavor is not for everyone. Can always try experimenting with different types of vinegear – rice wine vinegar for instance is a little more mild and white balsamic vinegar is a little sweeter. This will keep very well though if you want to make one for yourself and munch on it throughout the week! Thanks for following : )

    1. Hey Dan! You could definitely add thinly sliced onions and/or minced garlic to this recipe. The addition of tomato as well gives it a greek salad vibe. I’m all about innovation and I’m sure that would be delish. Let me know how it goes!

    1. Hi Norma! Seedless cucumbers are available in some stores, but you might not want to risk it. You could use thinly sliced carrots or radish as a substitute in this recipe and still have a delicious crunchy salad! let me know if you end up making this! : )

  2. My Grandmother and Aunts used to make this recipe in the summer. They were garden cucumbers and they
    did the recipe as you spelled out and were they ever good just by themselves!

    Try them alone or in a salad—you will be glad you did!
    Sue J.

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